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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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"it's all over the place. it's ridiculous." ridiculous."tonight a grandfather is demanding answers ...after the father of his grandson overdoses on heroin ... crashing his car with that baby in the back seat ... tonight the child's grandfather is opening up ... only to 9 on your side. he tells our rose ann aragon he had no idea ... his daughter's boyfriend was on drugs. rose anne? 27-38"i was shocked, it was a shock actually."the shock of knowing your 1-year-old grandson was in the car of someone who overdosed on
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child--garry flutch's daughter alyssa broke the news."she had come over here crying. i didn't know what was going on " the baby's father ___ year-old ryan harding crashed his car into this fence on the 6500 block of hasler--he admitted to police he had overdosed on heroin--his 1-year-old the back seat. "i had no idea that he was even messing with that stuff. it's crazy. especially having one of my grandchildren with him...that's just totally crazy."court documents say harding was found slumped over his seat.. a syringe was found laying in the center consul--police say they revived him with narcann-- the baby--wasn't hurt--"i'm glad he wasn't driving on the highway. who knows what could have happened."it's an issue this grandfather says he sees to often--the latest statistics from the ohio department of health show heroin is killing more people now than ever. in 2014--the cincinnati fire department had almost 800 overdose runs. flutch hopes police will crack down not just on the users but the dealers-- "it's out of hand is what it is and if they start doing something more serious about it then i think that stuff will stop or even get slowed down."as for his daughter's partner--"i hope he gets straightened out. but as
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don't have anything to worry about now. they're going to be taken care of."he says he just wants to make sure his grandkids are safe."i love them like they're my own kids. which they are . they are from my daughter. i love them to death. i would do anything for them" 9 on your side has been tracking the tri-state's heroin crisis and the fight to help families and people suffering from drug abuse ... you can find our continuing coverage on w-c-p-o dot com slash heroin ... that's also where we have resources where people can find help for heroin and opiate abuse in the tri-state. new tonight ... police have identified the man who was hit and killed this morning in park hills. he is 68 year roger lee stephenson of park
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hit by a car around 7 this morning on dixie highway near covington catholic high school. the driver remained on the scene with police ... who tell us he is cooperating with their a statement from the park hills police ... the mayor and city council of park hills extended their condolences to mr. stephenson's family. today ... friends and fellow cyclists paid tribute to a man killed in a hit and run last week. week."we're here to have a memorial ghost ride for the fallen cyclist michael prater" prater"that ghost ride took hundreds of riders from lunken air port to kellogg park honor 42 year old michael prater, killed sunday on kellogg and asbury.police say the driver ... 34 year old melinda woodall ... was under the influence of drugs.she's been charged with aggravaged vehicular homicide.the cyclists who came together today ... installed a permanent memorial of a ghost bike. nats poem at gathering: "today's ride is to make all of us aware-- the road is there for us to share."derek driftmeyer- cincinnati cycle club president"it could be any
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brother, my best friend, it could be me, and there's nothing at all that michael could have done." done."members of queen city bike, the cincinnati bike club, and the cincinnati off road alliance were among those participating in the ride ... the ghost bike memorial was made by the mobo bicycle co-op. above normal temperatures are in play for the entire weekend. we warm to near 50 degrees sunday but a cold front will bring a chance of light rain and snow showers late sunday night into monday. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies tonight with lows near 31. that's about seven degrees above normal. sunday, we'll see an increase in clouds during the afternoon and evening. rain chances arrive after 9 p.m. as an arctic we'll start out with a chance for rain showers, but rain will gradually mix with and we head into the afternoon. after sunset monday, some accumulation is possible, but right now, it appears to be blast of cold air moves it. showers will continue with light accumulation possible. there could also be a few isolated snow squalls, sudden burst of heavy-to-moderate snowfall with gusty winds,
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conditions, so keep that in mind as we head into next week. the debate in the granite state! you just saw it *live* right here on abc -- as the republican candidates for president squared off just three days from the new hampshire manchester tonight -- it was game on -- *on* stage. and abc's marci gonzalez is there. script:the final fight- in new hampshire-(bush/trump nat let
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candidates - (nats up trump) battling it out- for the last time before tuesday's primary. (nats up christie sparring) chris christie- coming out swinging- going after marco rubio?who is surging in the polls here?christie: he simply does not have the experience to be president of the united statesrubio: i think the experience is not just what you did, but how it worked out. candidates - trying to differentiate themselves?on -the economy, terrorism-sot cruz: we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy, and then get the heck out. immigration?and healthcare?sot trump we are going to repeal obamacare, replace obamacare) donald trump - back at center stage tonight- at times-brushing off booing from the audience-nats booing ahead by 21 points in the polls here- and trying
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we will galvanize the people of this country and we will beat hillary clinton. marci gonzalez on camera: and tomorrow it's back out on the trail for both them and the democrats -- all of them fighting for the more than 40 per cent of voters in this state who are still undecided. marci gonzalez, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. time/initial: on w-c-p-o dot com we are partnering with politifact to fact-check tonight's debate ... you can ask the editors and reporters to drill down on specific facts using the hash tag 'politifact this' ohio governor john kasich's claim ... which he made again tonight ... that he took the state of ohio from an 9 billion dollar hole to a 2 billion dollar surprlus ... politifact has rated that 'mostly true' ... saying the statement is accurate, but needs additional information. make sure you check back in on w-c-p-o dot com in the morning for a full rundown on tonight's debate. speaking of kasich ... he is betting it all on new hampshire.ohio's governor has said that if he doesn't put in
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primary ... he's prepared to pack in his presidential bid. kasich had a little fun yesterday with members of the media ... taking a break between what his campaign said were his 99th and 100th town hall events for a snowball fight with some journalists.a c-n-n w-m-u-r poll released on friday found kasich in a statistical tie with senator ted cruz for third place.9 on your side is tracking the polls closely ... we'll see if kasich's performance in the debate pushes voters either way by tuesday. new details in the search for answers after that deadly crane collapse in new york city. city.crews are still working to remove the wreckage left behind after the crane smashed onto the street in lower manhattan.they will cut it into about 35 pieces for investigators to examine.cell phone video captured the moment the more than 50-story boom came crashing down friday ... hitting parked cars and sending debris pouring onto
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wall street worker the time, crane operators had been trying to secure it in the wind and snow.investigators have already recovered the crane's movement recording computer. rick chandler / commissioner, new york city dept. of buildings"it's not the equivalent of a black box. // it will likely give us the angle of the boom? of the two pieces that were in action. if it gives us more than that, it's an extra. i don't want to set expectations too high: it's not gonna give wind speeds or actions of the operator." operator."the city did authorize large tower cranes to resume work today.but the "crawler" cranes similar to the one in yesterday's accident will have to be inspected one by one.the one person left in the hospital, a 73-year-old man hit by falling debris, is in stable condition. north korea defied international warnings today ... claiming it fired a long range rocket that the united nations and others call a cover for a banned test of
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technology.the rocket launch was tracked by governments in south korea and japan.its neighbors view the launch as a front for a ballistic missile test.north korea state media says it has put a satellite into orbit with today's rocket launch.u-s security officials say they're still assessing what actually happened. the super bowl.. less than 24 hours away. more than a hundred million people will be watching..the stage is set in san francisco.. francisco..a clash of football's titans - all-time great peyton manning and the dazzling, dynamic cam newton. and to set the bar even higher, bruno mars today confirming he will be part of the highly anticipated super bowl halftime show, joining coldplay and beyonce. and just as important - the security game plan...thousands of police and security officers are expected to be deployed across the san francisco bay area...and extra patrols will also be in denver. the message being sent out early is break the law, and
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(cmdr. rick kyle, denver police dept.) "certain people use that as an excuse to act out i personally can't understand, i believe in celebrating responsibility having a good time but respecting other people's property." property."las vegas oddsmakers have the panthers as 5 1/2 point favorites to win the super bowl. the big game kicks off tomorrow at 6-30.. when you watch the opening of the super bowl tomorrow ... keep an eye out for a local. alex smith graduated from saint x high school in 1996, according to school officials ...he is now a jazz pianist and he will be accompanying lady gaga when she sings the national anthem tomorrow night. some officers in lockland put together a special surprise for a few kids ... and went above and beyond the call of duty to do it .. the hamilton county police association shared this photo on their facebook page ... and it's going viral tonight, with almost 800 shares at last check ... they say these three lockland officers stopped to
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playing basketball on a hoop with no backboard. the boys had to go chasing the ball every time they missed the officers took it upon themselves to purchase a new hoop with a backboard with their own money ... and dropped it off under the cover of darkness.hats off to the officers! coming up ... the future is in their hands ... a boy's dream becomes reality ...what happened when he got his hand for the first time today! and ... a big game ... where m-v-p stands for most valuable puppy!meet the butler county shelter pup who's capturing hearts on the field ... and find out what happened to him
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 tomorrow ... luke kuechly isn't the only tri-state native with a chance to be
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meet "rugby," a butler county pup who's getting his star turn in the "puppy bowl"!he's a seven month old mixed terrier ... who was selected by the folks at animal planet from the butler county animal friends humane society.he romped and played at the puppy bowl taping in new york city ... before being adopted by a family back here in the tri- can watch rugby run for glory tomorrow on animal planet starting at 3. thursday i brought you the story of 10-year-old peyton andry's learning fair project at chca. he told his classmates all about the 3- d-printed hand he was about to get that would enable him to grip things. well he got his hand today...along with a lesson from the chca grad who invented the software to make it possible. it's almost like a 21st century's kind of the tool of the modern age. clayton webster of blue ash gives a lesson on 3d printing to two boys forever changed by it. his software created the
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of falmouth has been wearing for months...and the one peyton andry of pleasant ridge is wearing for the first time. it reminds me of like iron man peyton and lucas both born with a condition called symbrachydactly, which kept one hand fist bumping...and yes, playing catch. catch. i mean it's really moving to watchwebster's software has enabled lucas' dad to design custom hands for others right in his falmouth home...through it's a group of global volunteers who have come together to design create these hands and we distribute them to kids and adults all over the world for free. it's really cool. i really like it and my dad always says everytime he tells me a new hand is coming out i can't wait to get it. before these kids would hide their hands and be really shy about it and now the big
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problem showing off his hand, showing off his 3d printed hand . it's greatly impacted his confidence.and already impacting his new friend's too. it looks really cool. it makes me look like i'm more determined. it's been an incredible blessing. he is just to see his face light up it's just very great for a dad to see his son kind of get what he needs. as i first reported thursday, peyton will show off his new hand to his fellow fourth graders at chca on monday. you can learn more about right
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above normal temperatures are in play for the entire weekend. we warm to near 50 degrees sunday but a cold front will bring a chance of light rain and snow showers late sunday night into monday. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies tonight with lows near 31. that's about seven degrees above normal. sunday, we'll see an increase in clouds during the afternoon and evening. rain chances arrive after 9 p.m. as an arctic front heads our way.monday, we'll start out with a chance for rain showers, but rain will gradually mix with and change over to snow showers as we head into the afternoon. after sunset monday, some accumulation is possible, but right now, it appears to be fairly light.tuesday another blast of cold air moves it. the chance of light snow showers will continue with light accumulation possible. there could also be a few isolated snow squalls, sudden burst of heavy-to-moderate snowfall with gusty winds, that could result in white out conditions, so keep that in
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coming up, ken broo will have the final word on today's local college basketll action. action.and on the eve of the super bowl, the denver broncos were striking a pose. what was that all about? sports is
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a first half snooze, led to a knockout punch for the uc bearcats today.
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'cats missed their first five shots, and were down 21-9 after the tigers' dedrick lawson made was memphis by 15 at the half. the tigers led by eight with nine and a half to play, when troy cupain made this. caupain was six of 12. the bearcats shot 36-percent for the game. and when caupain made this layup, the memphis lead was cut to two. but he missed the free throw.with under two to go. and down four, caupain nailed this three point shot to bring uc within one. it was as close as they got.when the tigers' avery woodson made this with just four seconds on the shot clock, that was that.uc held memphis to just 30-percent shooting. but the first half killed the 'cats. 63-59 was the final. marquette had xavier down four at the break. but super freshman edmund sumner was just starting to warm up. and he had a terrific day..with two-29 to go before the break, trevon bluett his this to cut marquette's lead to two. it
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half.tied at 60 with seven-16 to play. j.p macura, who had the game of his xavier life connected on the lay up. xavier by was tied at 72 with three-39 to play. macura finished the day with 20-points. he was seven of eight from the field. three of four from behind the arc. 75-72 xavier.and off the bench, myles dave tossed in eleven points. his layup here with one-eleven to lay, and four ensuing foul shots iced it.sumner with 20. trevon bluiett with 23. as xavier goes to 21-2 with a 90-82 win. trt thank you to our fans."((mack: i've been saying it for awhile, if our players shoot the ball like i think they're capable, from the three point line, than this team has a chance to be really, really special. didn't come easy. but to have 24 assists on 31 made field goals, 24 assists and nine turnovers, and in an enviroment like that. cintas
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beginning, it felt like it was 140-degrees in there. so thank you to our fans. )) at rupp today, 'he' was the big story. freshman jamal murrsymurray buried eight three point shots....dropped 35 on flrida...and in doing so, he becomes the first fresham in uk history with two 30-point games in on season. the wildcats beat florida, 80-61. not a good night for the indiana hoosiers. on the road, they lose to penn state, 68-63. they made just 17-shots from the field. homecoming tonight at nku. but the norse was down by eleven in the second half to wisconsin-milwaukee, when jalen billups got 'that' to fall.billups had 20. under a minute to go, nku leads by one. when tyler white gets the fortuitous bounce off the final. might've been the high school game of the night. saint 'x' against walnut hills.look at
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look to bobby jefferson.walnut hills has a number of options this season, like adam goines with the spin move, and the bucket.but walnut hills had a bit too much tonight. jordan henderson with the runner and the bucket..and then, there is omari peek, check out the behind the back dribble, then the step back jumper.and the walnut hills eagles move to 15-4 with the 45-41 win. he one was on the greatest quarterbacks of his generation. ken stabler died late last year not knowing this: he will be a pro football hall of famer.stabler was one of eight selected tonight for the class of 2016. among the eight: brett favre, marvin harrision...and tony dungy. super bowl 50 kicks off at six-30 tomorrow, the denver broncos stopped practice for just a few minutes to pose for their super bowl team picture. the panthers had a light workout too.and then found out tonight, that they're quarterback, cam newton, was
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player...and their coach, ron rivera, named the nfl's coach of the year.they say they're ready. trt :17outcue:...try to put a whuppin' on 'em."((tolbert: we really didn't really care who we played. we just wanted to play. we just wanted to be in this specific moment in time, to be able to say we made it to the super bowl and we won a super bowl. obviously they're a tremendous, tremendous defense. but we have a good game plan. and we're gonna
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